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Malayalam Calendar 2020

Following is a consolidation of the Malayalam Calendar (a.k.a Manorama Calendar or Malayala Manorama Calendar or Mathrubhumi Calendar) from January 2020 to December 2020 indicating Malayalam Festivals and Malayalam Panchangam.

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Malayalam Calendar. January,2020.


Malayalam Calendar. February,2020.


Malayalam Calendar. March,2020.


Malayalam Calendar. April,2020.


Malayalam Calendar. May,2020.


Malayalam Calendar. June,2020.


Malayalam Calendar. July,2020.


Malayalam Calendar. August,2020.


Malayalam Calendar. September,2020.


Malayalam Calendar. October,2020.


Malayalam Calendar. November,2020.


Malayalam Calendar. December,2020.


Malayalam Months in order

12 month malayalam months name is mentioned in the image below along with corresponding english or gregorian calendar months.

Following are the malayalam months in order of their occurence:
The image below depicts the various malayalam month or malayalam months also known as malayalam masam or malayala masam in the order of their occurence in time period:

malayalam months malayala masam malayalam month malayalam masam

About the Malayalam Calendar:

The Venad dynasty of the Kingdom of Kollam is regarded to have been behind the formation of the Kollavarsham or the Malayalam Era. The new ruler started ruling from Kollam, a south Indian harbour city. He also wished to start a new calendar since, according to him, earlier calendars had some misnomers and incongruencies. As a result he he asked the astronomers of his kingdom, Kollam, to create a new Malayalam Calendar system. Thus, in 825 AD the Malayalam Calendar system was put in place in Kollam and was followed from thereafter.

The months of the Malayalam Calendar are as listed below: However, it is interesting to note that, although the months of the Malayalam Calendar are similar in name to the Sanskrit Calendar, the time periods of those months are different. This is because Sanskrit calendar is Lunar based, while Malayalam Calendar is Solar Based.

Malayalam Calendar months

It is also interesting to note what the days of the Malayalam Calendars are. They are Njayar, Thinkal, Chowva, Budhan, Vyazham, Velli, Shani corresponding to Sunday-Saturday of the Gregorian calendar (in that order).

According to many, the Malayalam Calendar is also known as malayala manorama calendar or manorama calendar or mathrubhumi calendar.

The Malayalam Calendar also posits the Malayalam Festivals of 2020 along with the Malayalam Festivals of 2019 in the Malayalam Calendar 2019. The Malayalam Panchangam, malayala manorama calendar 2020, malayala manorama calendar 2019,manorama calendar 2020, manorama calendar 2019 is also a good read in the Malayalam Calendar information.

And, for Malayalam Calendar 2019 ,Malayalam Calendar 2018 or earlier versions of the Malayalam Calendar visit archives section.

So, to summarise, we learnt about the following:

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